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pepperoni pizza quesadillas

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What goes in a pizza quesadilla?

This quesadilla has pepperoni but you can use whatever your favorite pizza toppings are. Make sure any meats are pre-cooked.

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Prep Time: 4 Min

large flour tortilla pepperoni mozzarella pizza sauce fresh herbs (optional)


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Cut the tortilla from the bottom edge to the center. Don't cut all the way through. We're making a folded tortilla. You can also make a regular folded quesadilla.

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Add the cheese. Leave out the bottom left quadrant of the tortilla.

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Layer the pepperoni on. Sprinkle fresh herbs like parsley or basil if using.

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Fold the bottom left part of the tortilla up and over.

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Fold the left part over onto the right of the tortilla.

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Fold the top right part down and over onto the bottom. You'll have a folded, triangle shaped quesadilla which gives lots of cheesy layers.

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Fry for 3-4 minutes per side.

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