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About Piper Cooks

Welcome to Piper Cooks.

I’m Jacqueline Piper, the author of this website.  For a few years, I lived a gluten free life. My doctor and I thought I might have celiac disease. In August of 2015, I visited a specialist and found out I wasn’t, that my symptoms were from something else entirely.

It was confusing and kind of weird, but I’m glad I went through it, as it really opened my eyes to the world of food. about me 2Thinking about food preparation, cooking, baking, shopping, nutrition became a kind of full time job. I ditched most of the cans and boxes of processed foods. I never would’ve applied myself as much and fallen in love with cooking and baking had I not realized I needed to be more mindful and deliberate about food.

I used to be terrible at both cooking and baking. I think anyone can learn anything if they really want to. I create recipes because I love to. I share them so that others can enjoy delicious, healthy, and made from scratch meals. I really believe it’s important.  I also believe it’s ok to have treats now and then.

I hope you enjoy my website and my recipes. Please reach out to me for any questions. Bookmark my recipes, print them, make them, snap photos and share them with me – I’d love it.

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